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  • Consulting Services

The section ‘Consulting Services’ provides a detailed insight in the five key market segments within the management consulting industry. For each segment an overview is presented of the main service offerings, the size of the market and growth rates, typical activities of a consultant and the type of firms active in the respective discipline.

  • Strategy Consulting

Strategy consulting, often referred to as strategic consultancy or boardroom consulting, is one the most ‘high-end’ and prestigious segments within the professional services industry. The domain of strategy consulting focuses on supporting private sector clients with the development of corporate / business unit strategies and helping public sector organisations with public.

  • Human Resources

AMC Consult is an expert in Human Resources and Labor Law Compliance, which sets us apart from the competition.

Our clients enjoy a more efficient workforce by letting us alleviate the administrative burdens of HR and employee relations.

Chances are you may not be considering major expenditures related to administering these important functions and may be spending more than you think as a result. Use our calculator to make sure you’re not missing critical elements in your cost analysis.

  • IT consulting services

The market for IT consulting services consists of six main disciplines: IT Advisory, ERP Services, Data Analytics, Software Management, Systems Integration and Enterprise Architecture.

  • Workplace Safety

A proper safety program may help limit regulatory penalties while improving employee retention and productivity. A dedicated safety control representative from AMC Consult will work with your business on programs, manuals, and training to assure you are in compliance with safety regulations.

  • Staffing

A division of AMC Consult is available to our clients and was designed to help improve our clients’ access to talent, control costs, and give their businesses a competitive hiring advantage.

  • Financial Advisory

The Financial Advisory (or financial consulting) segment encompasses services that are based on financial analytical capabilities. Although offerings may address a variety of business issues – including the handling of mergers and acquisitions, restructuring, real estate advisory, litigation, forensics, risk or regulatory compliance – financial and accounting skills always provide the basis for service delivery.